About this course

Cash flow can sink any business. It's possible to go broke whilst making a profit. In this self-paced online course, you will learn how to build a cash flow forecast specifically for your business and strategies to stretch your cash flow further. Gain access to our comprehensive cash flow management tool that allows you to plan the cash set to flow in and out of your business over the next few months (and up to one year in advance).

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Steps in the process

  • 1

    Getting started

  • 2

    Cash flowing in

    • Bank Balances

    • Recurring Cash In

    • Variable Cash In

  • 3

    Cash flowing out

    • Automatic Cash Out

    • Variable Cash Out

    • Tax and Superannuation

    • PAYG Cash Boost Calculator

    • Wages

    • JobKeeper Subsidy Calculator

  • 4

    Improving cash flow

    • Review Cash Flow Forecast

    • Embed the Process

    • Cash Flow Strategies

    • Course Evaluation

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How this financial tool can help your business

  • Specialised online cash flow forecast tool

    Gain access to our specialised online Cash Flow Forecast Tool to help you forecast your cash position, step by step, as far as a full year in advance

  • Cash Flowing in

    You'll be introduced to tools and apps that will help you get money into your bank accounts faster and reduce your debtor days

  • Cash Flowing Out

    Control your Cash going out. Consider all regular payments as well as tax and superannuation, PAYG Cash Boost Calculator, wages and JobKeeper

  • Speed Up Cash Flow cycles

    We will share seven proven strategies you can implement immediately that will improve your business's cash flow

  • Improve your cash position

    Implement our tried and tested strategies and levers to increase the flow of cash into your business and to reduce the flow of cash out

  • Embed your cash flow process

    Learn how to embed cash flow management as a weekly process in your business so you can intercept any future cash flow crises

Meet your course instructor

Financial Educator

Tanya Titman

Tanya is an award-winning accountant with over 20 years of real-world experience. She runs multiple businesses with over 25 staff. Innovation has been the cornerstone of her success. By sharing insights from her business experience, Tanya helps business leaders create and grow their own. She has a unique ability to inspire and ensure accountability in order to challenge business leaders to achieve business and personal success.

What business owners are saying

David Judge

Founder/CEO, Affordable Staff

This tool has been of huge benefit to our business in many ways. Whilst I knew we were growing, we didn’t have transparency over cash flow. We are referring to the forecast every week to project future purchases, growth plans and understand how we will sit financially.